Hopefully these will help with any questions you have about booking your advanture.


Feel free to give us a shout if you have any other questions​


How do I book an advantures van?

Head to the hire page on our website: https://www.advantures.co.uk/our-campers

Select the van you would like to hire and enter your hire dates. If the van is available follow the steps to submit a booking. We will then receive your quote, check it and confirm it. Once we have confirmed it you will receive a confirmation email and your card will be charged for the 30% booking deposit.

Your booking is only confirmed when we have accepted your Invoice and you have paid your booking deposit, so please do not book other parts to your travel (flights for example) until you have received this confirmation.

Do you offer pick up and drop off?

Yes, we are based about 45mins from Inverness airport. We collect you in our own car and take you to Advantures HQ. You then return the van at the end of your advanture to Advantures HQ and we take you back to the airport or town.

Airport collection £20

Airport drop off £20

Inverness City Center / train station / bus station pick up £15

Inverness City Center / train station / bus station drop off £15

Aviemore train station / town center- Free

You cannot pick up or drop the van off at any other location other than Advantures HQ.


If you arrive into Inverness airport we can collect you from 12:30. If your flight arrives much earlier than this you can get the airport bus into town and we can collect you from there.

If you need pick up after 6pm we charge an extra £30 on top the prices stated above.

If you need return drop off before 9am we charge an extra £30 on top of the prices stated above.


There are lots of public transport options available to Aviemore. Aviemore is on the trainline from London and there are frequent buses and trains from Inverness.

Do you offer pick up and drop off in other cities?


What are the pick up and drop off times?

You can collect the van anytime after 1pm on the day of pick up.

You return the van before 10am.

If you have a dog joining your advanture you return the van for 9am.

Can we leave our car at yours?

Yes. We have car parking spaces at Advantures HQ but please note advantures does not accept any liability for cars left at our premises.

How does the payment structure work?

When we confirm your booking the inital 30% booking payment is taken from your card.

Six weeks before your advanture we Invoice you for the remaining amount due.

One week before your advanture we invoice you for the £500 security deposit.

Do you have any automatic vans?

No. All our vans are manual transmission.

Why do we take a £500 security deposit?

This is to cover the insurance excess of our policy. 

We take a £500 security deposit one week before your advanture start date which is fully refundable upon safe return of the van and no outstanding insurance claims.

The security deposit must be by card payment or bank transfer (not cash) - this is a condition of our Insurance company.

What documents do you require for insurance?

Our insurance policy requires us to take a copy of your driving licence and 2 addition forms of ID. 
A scan or photograph from a smartphone is sufficient. These can be screenshots but they must contain your name, the issue date, address (that matches the address on your licence), and business name/logo.

1. The card part of your Driver's Licence

2. Two additional proofs of Address that match the address and name on the licence dated within 90 days of your advanture hire start date.

One proof must be a utility bill (Electric Bill, Water Bill, Gas Bill)
One proof (Bank statement, Credit card statement, home phone or electric bill.)

3. If your licence does not have your address on it we also need a copy of your passport.

4. If you have a UK driving licence, we also need to check points on your licence.

Click the link, put in the required details, request a code which you can send to us which will allow us to check it.


This is the standard requirement for most if not all campervan rental companies in Scotland.
If you cannot provide the documents listed above please get in touch and we will refer you to our insurers on a case by case basis and await their response. 

Do you charge for extra drivers?


Do you offer damage waiver excess?

Can dogs come along on the advanture?


Yes! We love a dog joining in on the advanture. We do charge a £30 cleaning fee and instead of the usual 10am drop off time we have a 9am drop off so we have more time to clean and get everything ready for our next advanturers.

Please note advantures reserves the right to withhold some of the £500 security deposit if the van is returned damaged by the dog, or excessively hairy / dirty.

Do the vans have a toilet?

Yes. There is a small porta potti toilet on board. If you use the toilet you MUST empty it. We do not have a waste disposal point at advantures HQ. We will charge a fee of £75 if the toilet has been used and not emptied upon return.

Do the vans have a heater?


How does refil / fuel work?

Our vans are Diesel fuel. When you collect the van the tank will be full. You return the van to advantures HQ full.

Do you offer damage waiver excess?


Do you include towels?


Do you include bedding?

Yes. We include one double duvet with cover, one bed sheet & two pillows with cases.

What are the bed dimensions?

183cm long x 140cm wide.

What kind of storage space does the van have?

Both vans have ample storage space. We advise that you bring soft / duffle style bags with you as they will fit in under the seats. If you bring large suitcases they will not store under the seats - you can borrow bags for life and put your clothes into these and leave your suitcases at advantures HQ.

What kind of sockets / charging options are available?

Our advantures vans have two batteries - an engine battery and a leisure battery.


There are two 240v plug sockets in the van - One only works when on hookup at a campsite.

The other works off the leisure battery via an inverter so you have 240v power all the time 


There are two USB ports in the back of each van


You will get aprox two days usage from the leisure battery running the fridge, lights, tap & phone charging.



Does the van have water?

Yes. We fill the van with 30L fresh drinking water before each trip. The van does not have hot water.

What are the van dimensions?

2.5m wide (including mirrors)

2.5 high

5.5 long

What's included with the van?

Please see the bottom right-hand side of this page: https://www.advantures.co.uk/our-campers-hire-scotland

What's included section.

Do the vans have a bike rack?

Yes, our van Cooper has a bike rack. Bike rack hire cost £5 per day.

Can I smoke in the van?


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