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A Scotsman's home is his Castle....

One thing that is very striking is the number of Castles that are scattered all around the country. Even the most sparsely populated parts are not without their own impressive structures from the past.

Over the Centuries, Castles sprang up all over the country as the wealthy land owners and landed gentry maintain control over the population. Fortunately nowadays they are merely striking monuments for Scotland's turbulent past.

Edinburgh Castle - Arguably Scotland's most iconic Castle

The First Scottish Castles appeared around the 11thand 12th Century. These were 'Mott andBailey' wooden structures which were introduced thanks to early Anglo-Norman Influence. The more substantial Stone Structures began to appear from around 1200.

Eilean Donan Castle - beautiful Lochside location

The intervening centuries have seen differing structures of all shapes and sizes scattered throughout Scotland, many of which have now become internationally renowned and respected pieces of architecture. It is estimated that there have been close to 3000 Castles throughout Scotland, roughly one for every 100 square miles, so if you are looking, it wont take you long to find one.

A great place to start, is not in the West as many would assume, but in the Eastern county of Aberdeenshire. This county has more Castles than any other. Perhaps its location facing the North Sea, and the source or many Viking or Nordic Raiders explains why its so densely packed with these strong houses

Cawdor - made famous by Shakespeare's Macbeth

Further reading for budding archaeologist's, Historian's or Architect's


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