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The Bealach na Bà - all you need to know!

Literally translating to 'the pass of the cattle', the road remains one of the most dangerous, steep and unforgettable to drive along, demanding complete concentration from those who dare to try it.

We know that Cooper and Sheila can make it but what can we tell you about this glorious, spectacular, yet challenging route? Well its not for the faint hearted - but is a must see NC500 or no NC500! And Dangerous Roads have down as one of the most scenic routes in the World!

Here are some facts about it!

  • The road is totally paved.

  • It’s 17.86km (11.1 miles) long, running east-west from Tornapress to Applecross.

  • The road is a single track all the way.

  • With gradients approaching to 17%.

  • The single-track mountain road is one of the highest roads of the country rising up to 626m (2,054ft) above the sea level.

  • The road was built in 1822. The original road was rough gravel and very difficult to clear in winter, meaning it could be blocked for weeks on end.

  • In 1950 it was totally paved.

  • It has been featured in the television series Hamish Macbeth and in the 1953 film Laxdale Hall.

We found this great web site which offers much more guidance about this lovely place. It is worth noting it will get busy , in the Summer months with cyclists and motoring enthusiasts all taking on the challenge. And we cannot guarantee you will get clear weather.

There is also much debate in terms of which way to approach this. We have tackled it both ways and appreciated the view heading down into Applecross. However both will take your breath away. We would love to hear your stories and see your photos.

And if you havent been then get booked onto your next Advanture


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