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We all know the NC500 but what about the North East 250 (NE250)

When Nigel and I bought into the dream and acquired Advantures we already had a love of all things Scottish. We had heard of the much publicized NC500 , but to our surprise came across a shorter and just as lovely North East 250.

So if you don't have as much time, dont want to drive as far , but still want to experience the wonders of Scotland then this might be for you. Like with all of these trips, it's nothing new, just clever marketing.

So if you fancy it what can you expect to see, and where will it take you ?

According to their web site :

"The North East 250 explores everything for which Scotland is famous in a unique Scottish road trip taking you through the whisky distilleries of Speyside, the spectacular mountain passes of the Cairngorms National Park, the famous castles of Royal Deeside, the Granite City of Aberdeen, the rugged North Sea coastline to the east, and the picturesque seaside villages of the Moray Firth Coast."

The route is very comprehensive but in a nutshell covers the following areas

  • Speyside

  • Cairngorms

  • Royal Deeside

  • The East Coast

  • Aberdeen

  • Moray Firth Coastline

Advantures is located right in the heart of it , so if you were interested in that little something different , then this would be perfect.

We are all for meandering but Nigel and I are on hand to offer guidance in terms of what works for you. We love this part of Scotland and we are sure that you will too!!


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