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A guide to Campervanning in Scotland

This may be your first time visiting Scotland, it may be your first time in a Camper. So in order to make your Advanture the best, it could be we wanted to share some top tips

and a really informative video from Visit Scotland

In summary...key "take aways"

  1. Make sure you get the right size van for your needs

  2. Check out the appropriate "Driving Etiquette" for the area

  3. Understand what the difference between a "Passing Place" and "Lay-by" is

  4. If you are from overseas - remember we drive on the left

  5. Slow down for oncoming vehicles

  6. Check the weather - we know how changeable it can be !!

  7. Beware of roaming livestock

  8. Do your research on official campsites and designated parking (book ahead for the popular ones)

  9. Plan your route

  10. The Outdoor Access Code will be invaluable - you can check it here

  11. Have a great stay !

If you have any questions about your stay or would like to know more then get in touch we are more than happy to help where we can..


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