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Bird Lovers Paradise - Twitchers Rise up!

Scotland is widely regarded as an excellent destination for bird watching. The rich variety in landscape types and ecosystems means that nature lovers can see a huge variety of birds – both native resident and migratory species.

The Wild nature of these wonderful Highlands and Islands lends itself to some of the UK's most spectacular Birdlife. In particular, Scotland is home to some of the UK's rarest Birds, which means that one of the most popular pastimes for Visitors is searching out these rare and beautiful creatures

With an estimated 18742km of Coastline and countless Lochs and Rivers, Waterbirds feature highly on many 'Twitchers' lists. However, with the Two National Parks (The Cairngorms and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs) and over 40 Nature Reserves much more is on offer making Scotland the perfect place Birdwatching.

So be it North, South, East or West there are plenty of opportunities to don your Binoculars and search out these descendants of the dinosaurs.

If twitching is your thing, then pay a visit to some of the Sites below, to get the latest info and where to find your favourite feathered friends:

And what better way to tour the best sites than in your own mobile Hide - an Advantures Campervan!


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