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Exploring the NC500 in a Camper Van: A Guide for Travelers less mobile

Here at Advantures we have noticed that there has been a lot of discussion on line about access when travelling the NC500, and we know that visiting here if you are less mobile may cause some anxiety, so much so you may decide not to.

Embarking on the North Coast 500 (NC500) journey in a camper van is an adventure filled with breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. For less able travelers, careful planning and accessibility considerations are crucial to ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip. In this guide, we'll explore the NC500, highlighting accessible attractions along the way.

  1. Inclusive Accommodations: When traveling in a camper van, choosing accessible accommodations is key. Look for campsites and caravan parks with designated accessible facilities, such as accessible bathrooms and level pitches. The Rosemarkie Beach Caravan and Camping Site and Inverness Camping and Caravanning Club Site are excellent options.

  2. Adaptive Equipment and Accessibility Aids: Renting or bringing along adaptive equipment can significantly enhance the travel experience. Consider items like portable ramps, grab bars, and shower chairs to make daily activities more manageable.

  3. Planning Accessible Routes: While planning your route, keep accessibility in mind. Opt for roads with less challenging terrain and be aware of potential obstacles. The A832 offers stunning coastal views and is generally considered accessible.

  4. Accessible Attractions:

a. Eilean Donan Castle: This iconic castle is wheelchair-friendly, with ramps and

accessible routes for visitors. The views over Loch Duich are breathtaking. b. Inverewe Garden and Estate: This National Trust for Scotland property boasts

accessible paths that wind through the stunning gardens. It's a perfect spot for a

leisurely stroll. c. Dunrobin Castle and Gardens: This castle in Golspie offers accessible parking, ramps,

and accessible rooms. The gardens are also accessible and a delight to explore. d. Beauly Priory: Managed by Historic Environment Scotland, Beauly Priory has

accessible paths, allowing visitors to appreciate its historic ruins.

5.Accessible Activities:

a. Dolphin Watching in Cromarty: The eco-friendly Dolphin Trips Avoch offers

accessible boat tours. Keep an eye out for dolphins and other marine life.

b. Glen Ord Distillery: While some parts may be less accessible, the visitor center and

shop are wheelchair-friendly. Experience the taste of Scotland's finest whisky.

6. Emergency Preparedness: It's essential to be prepared for any unexpected situations.

Carry a list of local medical facilities, pharmacies, and emergency contacts along with

necessary medical supplies.

7.Community Support: Join online forums or social media groups dedicated to

less able travelers. These communities offer invaluable advice, tips, and firsthand

experiences from fellow travelers.

Embarking on the NC500 journey in a camper van as a less able traveler is not only possible but also incredibly rewarding.

By carefully planning your route, choosing accessible accommodations, and visiting attractions with inclusive facilities, you can experience the beauty of the Scottish Highlands in all its glory.

Remember, preparation is key, so don't hesitate to reach out to the supportive community of travelers for additional insights. Safe travels!


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