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Top tips when planning your Advanture

We all want to be organized and make the most of any holiday, and visiting the North of Scotland can be an awe-inspiring experience - in order to reduce any stress, there are some key things to consider. And we hope this will ensure you have a spectacular holiday

Be sensible when packing?

Our bespoke Campers are unique and cozy and you need to consider this. We all know that Scotland can have "four seasons in one day" . However there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes, so layers will become your friend. And you will be doing a lot of walking so the right footwear is just as important, shoes or boots. And don't forget to "break them in" you don't want to be getting blisters! It will rain at some point unless you are really lucky so waterproofs are always a safe bet - it is really easy to buy a compact set that will fit into any day sac. And don't forget if you are planning to come June to September that our little flying friends will be about - so get some good repellent ( we will cover this in a later post)


If you are coming at peak season and are following set routes such as the NC500 camp sites do get booked up. We will offer some suggestions but the popular ones will get busy - so check ahead. This would also apply to any activities you may be planning - you wouldnt want to be disappointed.


Spring and Summer are lighter and warmer but may be busier, with the school holidays and peak season. It may be more difficult to book , and more expensive. The Autumn and Winter months , will have a different focus. And open your trip to a very different experience . With the chance to see the Northern Lights . But remember that some camp sites may not be open.


This of course will allow you to know how many nights accommodation you will need , and this will also allow you to understand the distance between stop offs . Dont forget a lot of the routes are single track roads, with intermittent passing places, which in busy times will add to your journey time. You dont want to miss anything and you dont want to feel rushed. There are many maps and interest groups that can give you some guidance , but this can become overwhelming.


Scotland is vast and you cannot see it all in a short visit -YOU WILL be back. Your best option would be to decide what interests you most and focus on that. For example, Cape Wrath is a full day out if you intend to see that. Being selective should mean the trip is not overwhelming and you see all that you want to.


If doing the NC500 its only 516 miles - you don't need to move every day/night. To get the best out of it choose 2-3 sites along the way. Then spend time exploring around and about on foot rather than whilst traveling from site to site


There are so many businesses along the way that need your support, and sampling the local fayre will add value to this trip of a lifetime. We will offer recommendations but my tip is to get out there and sample as much as you can - there are so many farm shops, delis, bakeries, butchers, craft shops that how could you not?


This could be your first time in a Camper. We are more than happy to take you for a quick spin around the block to get a feel for it first. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with Sheila and Cooper. As we have said there are a lot of single-track roads, which have passing places, familiarise yourself with the etiquette. But most of all be patient and courteous. And remember they are not laybys.

When out and about make sure you dispose of your rubbish properly and keep your four-legged friends on a lead where appropriate.


You are on holiday dont forget that! Sometimes just experience the beauty of Scotland. More often than not you will happen across something wonderful without knowing it and that can be the best feeling - we at Advantures are here to help you get the most out of your trip but most of all we want you to see Scotland as we do .


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