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Cooking in a Camper! What could go wrong ?

You have booked Sheila or Cooper for your upcoming Advanture . They are both well equipped, but if you have never been camping before considering preparing and eating your meals with a two-ring hob - might be a little daunting.

If you are not thinking of becoming the next Naked Chef - a lot of sites will have cafes, and there will be pubs and restaurants locally, with access to great food, but if you really want to embrace the camper lifestyle we wanted to show you just how easy it can be.

Not only have we left you some "staples" to get you started but access to some great cookbooks (the Campervan Cookbook - Martin Dorey) which should get your creative juices flowing with some fantastic recipes.

What should you take with you?

With Cooper and Sheila space is of a premium, so you need to pack sensibly and with our help, we hope to ensure that you have the right ingredients so you can create some culinary masterpieces. (anything with a tick is already in the van) . Don't forget that you also want to make sure any items are secure and won't break easily

Absolutely shouldn't leave without these items !

You may not get to your first site till late depending on when you leave the pick up, and how far you drive. So the least you would want is a hot drink and a snack. And something for breakfast.

  • Tea bags, coffee ☑️

  • UHT milk

  • Small bottle Cooking oil ☑️

  • Biscuits

  • Jam or marmalade ☑️

  • Porridge oats/cereal

  • Pasta/couscous/rice

  • Bottle of wine to celebrate the start of your holiday (but don't forget you may be driving the next day !!)

Other items that are important :

  • Tinned chopped tomatoes

  • Tinned baked beans

  • Every students staple - tinned tuna

  • Tinned sweetcorn

  • A few onions

  • Garlic

  • Cheese

  • salt and pepper ☑️

  • mayonnaise ☑️

  • Sauces ( we have left you some Ketchup)

  • Herbs/spices: dried chillis, oregano. curry powder

Top tips :

  1. You will have planned your route. So if you can plan your meals too. If you are coming by car you can shop in advance or on route to your pick up.

  2. We will provide you with the essential cooking kit, but if you do notice something missing let us know.

  3. We supply you with a small fridge so you may want to bring a small cool box too, the ice blocks will need to be refrozen so check with any campsites you stay on as some will have the option to do this

We wish you the best of luck and please feel free to share any of your 2 ring masterpieces on our Facebook page - bad or good! Or any recipes you have


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